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The robotics group has mainly educational goals.
The design and control of mobile robots allows to put across the following topics to 2nd year physics students.
  • Basics of hardware design
  • Understanding the mode of action of a variety of sensors
  • Basics of multi-threaded programming
  • Developement of semicomplex systems
  • social behavior (while fighting for special Lego parts)
Currently we use four robots-controllers (2 MIT-Handyboards, 2 Lego Mindstorms RCX-Modules). Students work in groups of two or three and have to choose at the beginning of the semester a specific task or project. Beside this project some more simple problems like building a basic robot with bumpers, which does not get trapped in the corner of room, have to be solved. Finally all students have to give a seminar talk on a specific topic connected with the design of mobile robots.

Relaunch in WS 01/02

WS 2000/1 projects
The MIT Handyboard
Lego Mindstorms RCX
Lego Cybermaster
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