All Order Many-Body Dipole Interaction in Bulk Matter and Small Noble-Gas Clusters

Juergen Schulte


Date: August 1989

Article: published in Preprint UO-PHYS-TH-89-08

PACS96: 31.30 Corrections to electronic structure
PACS96: 71.45 Collective effects
PACS96: 77.20

Cluster expansion and static dipole perturbation expansion are calculated in
finite as well as infinite order. Fundamental properties of electrodynamic
many-body effects are investigated analytically and numerically for noble-gas
atoms. The all order static atomic dipole polarizability is calculated in 
four cluster nucleation sequences. In a modified Onsager model the mole bulk
polarizability of noble-gases is calculated for all physical states using 
only long-range many-body interaction from all order dipole-dipole interaction
with cluster expansion up to the order of 13.

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