Boson-fermion and baryon mapping: Construction of collective subspaces.
3. Application of the baryon mapping to many-baryon states

Jutta Meyer

jmeyer.iii.application.pdf (PrePrint)

Date: 19911010

Article: published in J. Math. Phys. 33 (10), October 1992

PACS96: 03.65.Fd Algebraic methods
PACS96: 12.40.-y Other models for strong interactions
PACS96: 21.60.-n Nuclear-structure models and methods

The theory developed in Part I of this series is applied to the general case of
a system consisting of colourfree quark triplets, whose quantum numbers are
chosen as collective trifermion indices. The appropiate mapping technique to be
used here is the baryon mapping. It is demonstrated that the original
multiquark states can be exactly represented by states of colourfree ideal
baryons. Besides, collective extended images are derived for a class of 
fermionic operators leaving the collective fermion space invariant.

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