Entropic Processes in Heavy Ion Induced Desorption of Biomolecules Applied to Peptides

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H. Friedrich Kammer


Date: 1988

InProceedings: published in The Analysis of Peptides and Proteines by Mass Spectrometry, Proceedings of the Fourth Texas Symposium College Station 17-20 April 1988

The heavy-ion-induced desorption of organic molecules has proved effective to
produce excessive yields of undamaged large organic molecules, even if they are
as fragile as polypeptides, polysacharides or DNA-strings up to any mass.
Contributing to elucidate the physics of this unique process is the aim of this
contribution. By that we  hope that on the long run theoretical model
calculations of the process will help to optimize the experimental setup thus
serving the wide open field of applications in biochemistry and pharmacy. In
addition, learning about a complex physics phenomenon may give independent
additional information to the physics of the touched fields.

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