Rapid Nuclear Reactions in Supernovae and Cosmic Rays

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W. Hillebrandt
K. Takahashi
M. F. El Eid
T. Kodama

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Date: 1974

Article: published in Physica Scripta, Vol. 10A, p. 132-137, ( 1974 )

A synopsis of the transmutations of matter in a supernova to the final stages
of neutron-star matter, r-nuclei, p-nuclei and cosmic rays is given. In particular
discussed are (1) the freezing-out of nuclear reactions during cooling, (2) the
consequences of an improved ss-decay and ss-delayed neutron emission systematics
for the calculations of the r-process element abundances and of its application
to the estimation of the nucleosynthesis-age of the galaxy, (3) the production
mechanism of the high-energy light-element cosmic rays, which we propose to 
originate from the neutron star`s surface.

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