Non-Equilibrium Nuclear Abundances in Superdense Matter

K. Koebke
M. F. El Eid
Eberhard R. Hilf   Phone: +49-(0)441-798-2542   Fax: +49-(0)441-798-3201

ebs.non.equilibr.nucl.abundances.pdf (Preprint) (For internal use only!)

Date: 1974

Article: published in Z. Physik 271, p. 21 - 30, ( 1974 )

1. The equation of state and nuclear composition are calculated for
   cold matter below 4*10^11 gr/cm^3 ( neutron-drip ) using recent
   nuclear data.
2. Nuclear transmutations of hot and dense matter taking care of 
   the freezing of nuclear reactions are discussed for three types
   of temperature and density changes.

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