Neutron Star Matter and Neutron Star Models

H. Heintzmann
W. Hillebrandt
M. F. El Eid
Eberhard R. Hilf   Phone: +49-(0)441-798-2542   Fax: +49-(0)441-798-3201

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Date: 19740116

Article: published in Z. Naturforschung 29a, p. 933-946, ( 1974 )

Various methods to study the ground state of neutron star matter are compared
and the corresponding neutron star models are contrasted with each other. In
the low density region rho<10^14 gr cm^-3 the nuclear gas is treated here by
means of a Thomas Fermi method and the nuclei are described by the droplet
model of Myers and Swiatecki. For rho<10^14 gr cm^-3 both standard Brueckner 
theory with more realistic interaction ( one-boson-exchange ) potentials and
the semiphenomenological theory of Fermi liquids ( together with the standard
Reid softcore potential ) are applied to neutron star matter. It is shown
that while the high mass limit of neutron stars is hardly affected, some
properties of lowmass neutron stars such as their binding depend sensitively
on these refinements. Various tentative ( but unreliable ) extensions of the 
equation of state into high density regime rho>10^15 gr cm^-3 are investigated
and it is shown that the mass limit for heavy neutron stars lies around 2.5
solar masses. It is further shown that a third family of stable ( hyperon )
stars is not forbidden by general relativistic arguments if there is a phase
transition at high densities.

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