Gross Theory of Nuclear Masses and Radii

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H. von Groote
K. Takahashi


Date: 1976

Article: published in IKDA 76/12, TH Darmstadt

A simple analytic mass-formula is reviewed, which contains the Droplet Model 
of Myers and Swiatecki as its smooth part and a shell correction term constructed
by bunching the smooth single-particle level density of a potential-well appropriate
to the size of the respective nucleus. A fit of the 51 adjustable parameters is
performed to 1312 experimental nuclear masses. The r.m.s. deviation of the calculated
masses from the experimental ones is 660 keV. Predictions are compared to several 
experimental data: the newly measured Na and Rb masses, the isobaric mass parabola
properties, the quadrupole moments, the nuclear radii, and the Hg alpha-decay energies. 
Further specific modifications are discussed concerning: 1) a shell correction to the
nuclear radii, 2) a single-particle level density; besides the volume term it also
contains a surface term and a term which reflects the finite depth of the potential 
well and leads to a higher-order surface asymmetry term in the Droplet-Model part,
and 3) a deformation dependence of the bunched level density inferred from microscopic

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