Droplet Mass Formula Fit

S. Ludwig
H. von Groote
Eberhard R. Hilf   Phone: +49-(0)441-798-2542   Fax: +49-(0)441-798-3201
A. G. W. Cameron
J. Truran


Date: 19730325

Article: published in Nuclear Physics A203, p. 627-640, ( 1973 )

A mass fit of the droplet model is presented. To gain more confidence in the 
values of the thirteen coefficients used, we fitted in addition the best-known
isobar parabolae. By this procedure the position and the width of the ss-valley
are fitted and the symmetry J and the surface stiffness Q proved to be the only
relevant parameters. Finally the binding energy at the bottom of the ss-valley
is refitted by altering the other parameters. The thus obtained nuclear masses
are compared with experimental data as well as with the TCH model presented 

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