Computer Simulations of FHIID

Eberhard R. Hilf   Phone: +49-(0)441-798-2543   Fax: +49-(0)441-798-3201
H. F. Kammer
B. Nitzschmann


Date: 1987

InProceedings: published in Ion Formation from Organic Solids (IFOS IV) p. 97 (1989)

Proceedings of the fourth International Conference, Münster, Germany, 21-23 September 1987

A status report on computer simulations for fast heavy ion induced desorption
of biomolecules ( fhiid ) being presently developed is given. The physical
background, concerning the coupling mechanisms responsible for the energy
transfer from  electronical to molecular degrees of freedom and different
excitation mechanisms  is briefly discussed. Assumptions on nuclear excitations
are checked by analyzing some oligo-sacharide-spectra. Qualitative results are
presented for a numerical simulation of the desorption by a simple microscopic
mechanical model.

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