Approaches to plasma desorption mass spectrometry by some theoretical physics concepts

Eberhard R. Hilf   Phone: +49-441-798-2543   Fax: +49-441-798-3201


Date: 19921130

Article: published in Int. Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Processes 126, p. 25 (1993)

Plasma desorption mass spectrometry, Molecular dynamics, Macroscopic modeling, Microscopic modeling, Cluster production, Cluster degradation.

This report is a collection of some aspects of the work pursued by the
theoretical physics group at the University of Oldenburg studying the mechanism
of the PDMS desorption process. Specifically we present first a quantitative
macroscopic hydrodynamic model designed to describe the PDMS desorption process
up to the actual disruption starting from a  Lagrangian-density formalism. The
microscopic mechanical details of the process are followed by a molecular
dynamics program making use of a novel momentum reflection-free boundary
condition. Finally we report briefly on the large-scale calculations necessary
to calculate the intricate thermal quantum-mechanical properties of clusters,
necessary to understand the post-desorption phenomena of desorbed clusters. In
the last section we give information on first  experiences with computer
package tools developed for analyzing PDMS spectra. We hope that these will be
widely used by experimentalists for individually analyzing tasks of their own.

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